“Senator… brings the thunder, along with the rain, wind and hail… there is a sense of grandeur
and expansiveness to each of the tracks that scream of Baker’s potential and songwriting
Rawckus Magazine

“The music on Tiny Monsters is so engaging, so engrossing that it doesn’t seem far-fetched to
imagine his profile growing exponentially as the year moves along.”
Rock Cellar Magazine

“If there is an EP or album that typifies what an outstanding indie folk-rock album should
be, Tiny Monsters has it in spades. It is unique and dark with whimsical elements to keep it
entertaining and fresh without being so heavy there is no replay value. He is that next indie
artist that is an unknown until he is known.”
Lemonade Magazine

“Senator has a beautiful, intensely personal musical style that draws you into his world, sad
and lost as it may seem.”
Audio Fuzz